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Hemp as a feed ingredient?

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I normally post on trade policy topics, but I thought this might be of interest to some after having seen a couple posts on the hemp industry. My colleague, Louise Calderwood, at the American Feed Industry Association, posted a blog on hemp seed meal and cake as a potential feed ingredient. Check it out here!

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Is this just in the beginning stages? Would it take new regulatory approval to become a feed ingredient?

Tom Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer

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This is so interesting! Thank you for sharing!

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What is your view on the changes in regulatory landscape in the next few years for hemp? Will the current trend around State by State efforts continue for a foreseeable future? Any signs of changes from the federal side? What are the big sticking points there?

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Thanks for posting, Gina.  Seems like the regulation may not be moving fast enough here.  I'm curious Louise Calderwood's perspective on the matter.  I would be very quite enlightening to hear her perspective on TopYield.  @marguerite-bolt and @jamie-campbell-petty, what are your thoughts on this topic?  Thanks for raising this, Gina!


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Tom- For any product to be used as an animal food ingredient, the product needs to go through regulatory approval through Federal (FDA) and the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). This has been done for hemp seed meal and hemp cake. And now we wait for FDA and AAFCO to make decisions on those applications.

As mentioned in the blog, the challenge is when states implement their own legislation allowing product for use in animal food within their state, which conflicts with federal regulations. That would mean any product distributed across state lines  would be considered adulterated. This is where AFIA comes in in monitoring state bills and regulations to ensure the do not conflict with Federal regulations, which could potential restrict the flow of goods between states. 

If you would like more information on these products for use in feed, I'd be happy to connect you with Louise, or see if I can get her insight posted on TopYield. Just let me know!

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Thanks Gina- I will watch for further posts you might make as this develops- That explanation really helps!


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