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Calf Blood Transfusion

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We had a calf that was very lethargic. I was concerned it didn’t get enough colostrum. I took it to the vet and they tested it and that was the case. Iowa State vet med has been doing blood transfusions to confer the antibodies from the cow to the calf that had not received enough colostrum. Fortunately my vet is a recent grad from Iowa State where he had been doing it the last couple years. Key to success for this is catching it early. This was day two for this calf. I’ve heard that if you wait 4 to 5 days the success rate declines. You can see the video of the calf two weeks after the transfusion. Has anyone else done this? What has your experience been?


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That sounds VERY cutting edge! Makes total sense! Game changer for sure!

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