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Tiffany Obrecht-Johnson

Artificial Intelligence in the Hog Barn?

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I saw an article today and it really got me thinking about how far we've come and how far we might go with technology leading innovation in agriculture. The use of AI (different meaning these days) has been touted around for independently operated tractors and equipment, but use in the livestock sector is more rare. The ability to use an algorithm to identify swine disease and other health factors could be a fascinating approach to dealing with limited labor supplies and ensuring animal welfare and health. So the question I would pose is - do we feel like this is an important innovation or a potential concern for the livestock industry? Interested in your perspectives! 


Article: Novel machine-learning tool can predict PRRSV outbreaks and biosecurity effectiveness

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Thanks for sharing that informative article, Tiffany. I see nothing but upside for pork producers with these technological innovations that will help to improve resource use efficiency and detect bio security threats sooner. That’s good for pigs, pork producers and consumers. I hope the Iowa Pork Industry Center and ISU are collaborating with NC State in this space.

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