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Taking Stand Counts with Drone Deploy

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Such a cool technology!  I loved seeing it in action. 

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Great video! Great information!

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Hi Mary Pat.  Thanks for the video!  I've been thinking a lot about aerial scouting/drone companies and I'm curious why you chose Drone Deploy over Taranis, PrecisionHawk or other drone-software companies?  I've found a lot of their offerings to be really expensive.  A charge by the acre, which is a tough pill to swallow.  

Thanks for your thoughts, Mary Pat!!

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Another fantastic and informative video, Mary Pat! Thanks so much for posting it!

Was that video just shot in the last week? I was impressed that drones can provide such detailed information so close to emergence. That is really exciting!

Question for you - you mentioned that the data the drones deliver would help you make various in-season management decisions. If you had enough red indicators of below average populations clustered together in a portion of the field, would you consider replanting part of a field? I'm guessing it's already too late to do that for longer maturing hybrids. 

Will you be using drones to scout for insect and disease pressure this season too?


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Hey Kenny!  We chose drone deploy only because that's the software our Pioneer agronomist has.  We haven't looked into buying any software for these purposes for our own use.  The program would cost $1000/yr for us to buy, and we would also have to purchase a new drone because it doesn't work with our Mavic Pro.  So, we've held off for those reasons!


Thank you Sean! Yes this video was shot when it was really cold last week Thursday. It does really well on taking stand counts for v2-v3 corn.   And as far as decisions go, yes we would consider re-planting, but everything in this field was still high enough pops we wouldn't re-plant.  So, what we may do is go in with variable rate in-season fert and adjust our investments based on where we'll get the best ROI.  Drone Deploy also has a plant health portion to it so we'll be using this later in the season.  I"m super excited to see what that can do for us when it comes to scouting for those late-season pressures. 

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