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New $19M Project to Improve Drinking Water Quality Announced

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The $19M Cedar River Source Water Partnership project was announced on The Big Show this week. Did you know that the 2018 Farm Bill now requires that at least 10% of Farm Bill funding must go to source water protection? What do you think of that requirement? 

In Iowa we're working with farmers and cities to help improve municipal drinking water quality through this project and others. Are similar urban-rural and upstream-downstream partnerships happening in your states?

Enjoy the long weekend, everyone! Please thank a veteran for their service on Memorial Day and also remember those who came before us and all of their sacrifices so that we can enjoy the freedom that we too often take for granted in this great country of ours.




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Michigan has announced clean water projects all around the state as well. Agriculture gets a spotlight with water use around here due to irrigation in place. Most of the dollars and projects take place through the larger municipalities. 


Interesting stat on the Farm Bill funding!

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Thanks, Costas! Michigan has some innovative RCPP projects as well including one in Saginaw Bay with The Nature Conservancy, Star of the West and Kellogg. Chairwoman Stabenow is the Senator who helped create the program when she chaired the US Senate Ag Committee leading up to the 2014 Farm Bill.

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