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Sidedress is Starting off Slow

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We're starting sidedress but the corn is still a bit small for y-drops.  We had some stunting, leaf damage and some pretty bad frost damage last week that we're keeping an eye on for re-plant.  Another crazy spring! How are things in your neck of the woods? 

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Nice video! experiencing the same here. Slow growth , cold temps. Lost alot of color in the corn last week with cool cloudy weather. Question is...........How much if any yield have we lost in these early growth stages?

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Slow start up here in So MI also. Lack of consistency. Atleast we had good weather and were able to get the crop planted timely. Crop protection activity ramping up, a week or so out from sidedressing. 

Good question Billie-We will have to see come fall. I think cloudy days, on top of cool weather does more damage than we think. 

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