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Perennial Grass

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I could use some help on this perennial grass species.  Clumps of grass not controls by 2X rate of Glyphosate.

Long hairy ligule, no auricles, long hairs on the leaf up to 2 inches from the sheath, no hair on the leaves.

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I can't be positive, but it looks like big bluestem or maybe something similar. Here is a video from the University of Minnesota that you may find useful to confirm or eliminate big bluestem as the grass.  


Glyphosate should kill it unless the glyphosate was applied when the temperatures were too cool. Glyphosate works best when daytime highs are in the 60's or higher and night time lows are in the 40's or higher.

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Thanks Virgil

After I told him Big Bluestem and then he remembered he seeded some for CRP plots years ago. 

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Was the entire field in CRP or just a portion? If it was in CRP previously, it would be eligible again, including for continuous CRP practices like CP-43 prairie strips. That would pay $300/acre. Some anticipated changes to EQIP for prairie strips are likely to result in payments >$300/acre, but those are probably 6-9 months out. New science from Iowa State University is showing that prairie strips increase soybean yields by ~20%. Is it Highly Erodible Land (HEL)? This might be a good opportunity to put 3-5% of the underperforming parts of the field into prairie strips.

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