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Skott Gent

Leafhoppers in alfalfa

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Treatment thresholds for leafhoppers were developed when hay was worth half or less what it is today, and treatment cost was 50% higher. How should a person decide whether to spray?

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Great question, Skott. I wonder if some of the forage experts at LaCrosse Seed would have an opinion on that. I'll see if I can get one to weigh in here. 

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Important to remember that leafhopper injury lowers the potential of all future yields.

If in doubt, spray.

Leafhopper resistant varieties can remove much of the risk of damage.

Best wishes!

(formerly with La Crosse Seed)

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Thanks, Bert! It's really great to see you contributing on TopYield Ag. For clarification, you are now with La Crosse Seed's parent company, DLF Pick Seed, correct? 



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