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Cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein: A Fad or The Future

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I am curious about people's perspectives on the cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein market. Will it be a notable piece of the protein market in the future? Will it outpace plant-based protein? Will not live up to expectations/momentum? Or somewhere in between?

I have seen market sizes in 2030 ranging from $600M-$95B in 2030. I expect the spread is driven by uncertainty around the soundness and scalability of the technology currently. However, Memphis Meats has raised $180M from individual investors (Richard Branson, Bill Gates), corporations (Tyson, Cargill), and investment funds (Softbank, Finistere). While the investment portfolios of those names are fairly wide to spread their bets, it signals serious momentum in my eyes.

Plant-based proteins have been around for a while and it still commands a small (but growing) footprint in grocery stores. Assuming the cell-based technology works, I expect there is a wider opportunity than plant-based along with a more compelling ESG story. Fully aware I am asking for an unknowable answer. More interested in perspectives from the industry as opposed to writers from major media outlets who haven't set foot on a farm before.

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I think it is here to stay, Not sure how big of a market it will get to be, but I wont be surprised if in the near future when you go to order a burger, there will be a cultured option on the menu. As plant based proteins grow, im sure that cultured options will grow as well. It seems to me there are enough consumers out there that will try it and stay on the alternative meat option. With big money behind it, its here to stay. 

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