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Early Season Fungicide Application

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How many folks have tried a fungicide application V5-V7 stage on corn? Positive outcome? With the markets the way the are this season I think ive been fielding more questions than ever on this topic. Although I follow an IPM process, Ive also been told by some growers that with disease we want to be proactive rather than reactive. 

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I would reference hybrid data sheets provided by the seed companies on individual hybrid response to fungicides.  Those recommendations mainly based on at tassel or post tassel applications.  I've seen inconsistent results with V5-V7 fungicide applications.  I'd personally only consider if the hybrid has very poor rating to a disease and a high response to fungicide treatment. I'd spend my money a at tassel application if weather conditions, hybrid response rating, potential for disease development, and economics warrant treatment.  Attached is a sample of Brevant's hybrid fungicide response sheet.


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