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Threats to Animal Agriculture? Update on PAUSE Act, New Oregon Ballot Initiative, CA Prop 12

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Mary Pat Sass alerted us to the problematic PAUSE Act in Colorado earlier this year. Fortunately the Colorado Supreme Court rejected that ballot initiative as too broad. However, a very similar ballot initiative has surfaced in Oregon with many of the same  concerning provisions, which if passed would make several long accepted animal husbandry and animal health practices such as artificial insemination illegal as they would be redefined as 'sexual abuse' of animals. In the article below, these topics are explored as well as California's Proposition 12, which affects animal agriculture beyond California's borders.

Do you think that these issues which are often complex should be decided by voters via ballot initiatives or by elected officials in state legislatures?

Here's the article: 



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Thanks for posting this, Sean.  This seems to be super problematic.  With less of the American public truly understanding agriculture, the ability to get topics on the ballot without it first being scrutinized by policy committees is troublesome.  I attached the AgriTalk breakdown of the topic here.  It's a good listen.  Thanks again for posting, Sean, and bringing awareness of what's happen in both Colorado and Oregon.    


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