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Tanveer A.

Possible impact on Biden's proposed executive action on increasing competition in agriculture

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Citing that just four companies controlling most of world's corn seeds resulting in increasing price, the proposed order is going to direct USDA to empower farmers, , helping them access markets and compete with large corporations.  

Ref: AgWeb

As large corporations owning most of world's corn germplasm, would this have executive order bring any meaningful change?





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This will be interesting.  Corteva & Bayer have 90% of corn germplasm, Corteva, Bayer, and Stine have 90% of soybean germplasm.

Given Bayer is German owned and the other germplasm source being Syngenta/Chem-China/Communist China, it will be interesting to see what USDA does.

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Thanks for sharing. I think ag is ripe with innovation and theres more and more new ideas and practices seen being implemented every year. Stock cropping and regenerative ag for eg. are things that have been ideas for a some time, but now are front and center in the ag world. We will see whats in store for policy forthcoming. 

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