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Farm Progress Show 2021

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Hi TopYield,

This post is a preview to next week's Tuesday TopYield video...Spoiler alert!

What a day! I just got back from the Farm Progress Show, which, is a whopping 40 minutes from my home. I have heard about this show for several years and just never went. Well, I did! First, the weather was fantastic, which it's usually not. AND they had ice cream at a couple stops, including the Ice Cream Trailer from little ol' Jasper County Farm Bureau-that supports their local Ag In the Classroom Programs. Yep, my home stomping grounds.

Most importantly, it was an outstanding show. I'm still processing it all, which is why I'm waiting until next week to ask questions and start the discussion. Besides it gives you time to think about what experiences you're going to share about this show or others that you've attended.

I've included a couple pictures:

I was tire shopping :)

I do want your opinions: red, green, yellow, or the mix color combine? - pictures next week.

And what do you think is coming at the corner of Central Progress & Tenth Progress?

Great day - more next week! Remember, follow me so you don't miss these fun posts. AND upvote so we know you're here.


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