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TopYield Tuesday: Farm Progress Show 2021

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Tuesday's Topic: Farm Progress Show

Did you go? Why do you go? What did you take away? Just a few questions I ask in today's video!


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Hi thank you for the video. Ive been to FPS in the past and it was phenomenal. Im always interested in the newest technologies and I like to compare innovations between the best competitors in the industry. I also like to take home a handful of high yield management practices that I can practically implement on a farm to make things run more efficient,  Couldnt go this year due to seed corn harvest, but ill be back. 

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So nice to get your message - thanks! I hadn't thought about those high-yield practice take-aways. The show is the ideal place to see those competitors and practices, all in one place. I find that when I go with intention or purpose, the benefits of attending last beyond just that day!  I'm glad to hear that you'll be back. 

Hoping that harvest continues safely, smoothly and of course productively!


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You mentioned that growing up on a dairy farm your family did not go on vacations. Same for me ... but we did go to fairs and farm shows! For some/many farm families, Farm Progress Show serves as a nice getaway combined with business. Is that changing?

Here is my topic per your request ---

What are economic and other benefits ... plus obstacles, and solutions for adding another crop to diversify the corn/soybean rotation in the Midwest?

Thanks, Paul

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I attended this year on opening day.  I was a bit disappointed with the lack of new product launches or new innovative products.  Maybe I just missed them but nothing like a few years ago when CASEIH had their autonomous tractor on display or Fendt rolled out their new combine. I wonder how much COVID has delayed new tech coming to market? 

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Hi Paul,

My apologies for not responding sooner; I completely missed your note. I think farm families were creative in their 'vacation" get-aways; like trading time at cousin's houses and fairs and Farm Progress. The fun part about that is we didn't know any differently so we thought that was vacation!

Thank you for the topic. I like it and will be discussing/posing that within the next two Tuesday videos. It's a really good question to consider!  Appreciate it!


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I do think you are correct that COVID could have a part to play in the lack of tech coming to market. In a couple brief discussions with folks, there were those comment that alluded to the fact that the technology was ready for the 2020 show and since it didn't happen, they waited until this year. That along with the issues of remote working and teams having to shift so much, were contributing factors. Be aware, that's not anything proven or hard evidence; more anecdotal conversations. 

I think it will be curious to see what happens next year and if it's back on track to what it was in the past. 



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