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President Biden Announces USTR Chief Ag Negotiator Nominee

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On Monday, President Biden announced his nominee for chief agricultural negotiator at the United States Trade Representative, Elaine Trevino, president of the Almond Alliance of California. 

While the administration has been vague in its trade policy and agenda, filling this key role will be paramount as the administration continues to tackle how it should deal with China and determines a path forward for negotiating new trade agreements, including those that have been put on hold from the Trump administration.

Trevino comes from an industry heavily reliant on exports and from the United States' largest agricultural state.

You can read Ambassador Tai's statement on Trevino's nomination here.

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Thank you for posting this information. Ironically or timely, I listened to a podcast this morning with Illinois Farm Bureau's Mark Gebhards and he talked about this nomination and the positive outlook on this announcement.

FarmWeek Now Podcast


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