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Harvest timing considerations

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What considerations go into your harvest timing plans, especially on when to start?

The article below has some interesting perspectives related to the results of a study comparing early harvest to later harvest at 18 locations in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

"A portion of each trial field was harvested “early” with a target moisture around 25 percent. The remaining portion of the field was harvested a week or more later with final harvest targeted moisture less than 20 percent. Yield was measured using a weigh wagon to eliminate possible variation due to yield monitor calibration or grain sensitivity."

Did the additional yield with early harvest (see graph below) pay for the additional drying costs? See this article for the answer!


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Hi Paul,

Great article.  I saw this article on Progressive Farmer and it says that propane prices are $.30 to $.40 cents higher than previous years.  Seems to me that 2021 is definitely not the year to try to gain a few extra bushels with an early harvest because wet corn is going to be really expensive to dry.  

The fall drying season for grains is seeing higher propane prices and possibly fewer overall bushels to dry with the severe drought limiting yields in the Northern Plains. (DTN file photo by Dan Miller)

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