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Participation in Carbon Markets

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Farm Journal’s August 2021 Carbon Survey found that 3.32% of respondents were participating in an non-governmental carbon market, up from an Ag Barometer last spring where only 1% of farmers had entered into a contract. And 55% of survey respondents said that they plan on joining the market in the next three years. How would those of you on Top Yield Ag respond?

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Doug, Great question.  I farm in Eastern Iowa and plan to participate in the carbon market in the next three years.

I'm currently evaluating programs being offered.  I will be inclined to enter year to year contracts to start.  I don't plan

to enter into a 10 year contract to start.

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This is a very encouraging trend, which I believe is at least in part due to more agribusinesses playing leadership roles in ecosystem service platforms, which has increased farmers’ and landowners’ trust and improved their perception of these markets and opportunities.

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Kent. I am of similar thinking to you.  We have not participated yet on our farm but agree with continuing to monitor the opportunities and only do year to year contracts in the start. I think a lot will change over the next three years as pilot programs are refined and demand for carbon credits rises.  I would hat to be locked into a long term contract with a lot of build out still to take place. Here is a Good resource page on Carbon.

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I get 5-10 questions a month from growers about programs and information regarding carbon credits and programs. I am definately observing more of the 55% group in this area as well. Many growers are eager to see what is available and how they can participate. 

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