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2022 Corn Acre Decrease?

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In my part of the world, there are a lot of growers seriously considering switching some corn acres to beans in 2022 due to nitrogen costs. What’s the conversation like in your area? 

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Blair, I was hearing the same thing yesterday. Could be a good opportunity for farmers to shift away from continuous corn . I know a farmer in Howard County who does beans following beans some years, but that is the rare exception. I think there will be more demand for manure and organic fertilizer products due to higher synthetic fertilizer prices.

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The significant rootworm issues in Iowa coupled with high nitrogen prices, corn on corn acres will be down. My connections in North Dakota are telling me corn acres will be down due to input costs and good prices on small grains and other oil seed crops. 

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Considering it here for sure. I can project more profit with beans  vs. COC. I think a person should forward price some of these beans though. We are dissappointed in our COC yields as well this fall.

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Billie, how was your disease and corn rootworm pressure on your COC acres?  Was that what impacted yield the most?  Thanks, Billie!

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Blair now that the markets have rallied more than a dollar in soybeans since your original post, I believe soybean acres will increase, corn acres will drop.  Nitrogen prices that are north of $1 per lb coupled with crop protection pice increases may be the final straw to push some into a counter seasonal change.  I made my choices last November to change out of COC due to the nitrogen pricing, but that was before the soybean price increases.  I expect these prices to buy a couple million acres of extra soybeans.  Time will tell and will make corn prices interesting if my assumption proves to be true.  Are you seeing any acreage changes this late in the winter?


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