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What's Your Experience with Relay Cropping? A New Way to Improve Profitability by Double Cropping in Cold Climates

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Check out these two articles on 'Relay Cropping,' an innovative new cropping system that allows for double cropping by harvesting a taller crop (typically a small grain like rye or barley) above the canopy of a shorter crop (typically soybeans.

Relay cropping helps Iowa farmer reach a lofty goal | Crop |

Relay cropping experimentation shows promise (

Has anyone had experience with relay cropping? Did it improve your profitability per acre?

The great conversation that Darcie Gallagher initiated on terminating cover crops and Tyler Flak's response inspired me to create this post. Thanks Darcie and Tyler!



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This is a most interesting approach. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

It appears that this relay cropping system avoids need to use a herbicide to terminate the cover crop -- plus provides an economic return for the cover crop. I'll be eager to see the Iowa Soybean Association on-farm research results.

I'm curious about weed management in this system other than for the cover crop. What (if any) herbicides are used?

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