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User Picture Gracie Danner
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  • Muscatine County, Iowa

20 inch rows

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Progressive Farmer - 20 in Rows

Nice article on 20 inch rows. We have been on 20 inch rows on corn for many years, but have considered switching back to 30s and rigging up a planter with a fertilizer system. 


User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Mother's Day-Frost Scouting

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For Mother’s Day, I asked to go out scouting with my boys.  We had some frost overnight Sat-Sun this weekend and some cooler evenings earlier in the week.  We are seeing some damage to the mesocotyl on certain seedlings but it’s looking to be pretty sporadic.  These three plant…

Tiffany Obrecht-Johnson
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  • Marion County, Indiana

Gene Editing vs. GMO

  • 10 votes

There has been so much push back over the years about GMO crops. We all know they are safe and beneficial, but the public domain has created a tone that is nearly impossible to overcome. We're starting to hear about gene editing (CRISPER) more and more... So, question. What do w…

User Picture Sean McMahon
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  • Dallas County, Iowa

Diversity in Agriculture - Interesting New Fieldwork Podcast Interviews National Black and Native American Farmer Leaders John and Kara Boyd

  • 4 votes

Very interesting Fieldwork Podcast 'Small Farmers, Big Stakes' with interviews of John Boyd, founder of the National Black Farmers Association, and his wife Kara Boyd, a veteran and founder of the Native America Farmers Association. The Boyds are practicing regenerative agricult…

User Picture The Indiana Farmer
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What’s in your filter?

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The Indiana Farmer- Tractor Oil Filter Review

User Picture Blair Bennis
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  • Hancock County Ohio

Imbibitional Chilling in Corn

  • 6 votes

Over the past 4 weeks here in Ohio, there's been an ongoing debate on whether the early, first week of April, planted corn actually was the best planting window; even when we’ve experienced cold, sub 35° night time temperatures and even a 2-3” snow since. Can you share some expe…

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

The agronomic optimum N fertilizer rate is important for corn grain yield --- but what about corn roots?

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A recent field study from Iowa State University showed that at early- to mid-grain fill the agronomic optimum N rate for grain yield maximizes root mass -- while both under- and over- N fertilization reduces root mass. See graph below adapted from Ordonez et al., 2021.

This show…

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Inside the Tractor Cab=Planting Monitors Explained

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Hubs goes through all the monitors in our planting tractor.  It's amazing the amount of technology that helps us do the best job we can at planting!

User Picture Kent Bennis
  • 2015
  • Delmar, Iowa

Cinco de Mayo $5.00 corn

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In honor of Cinco de Mayo day.  I sold some $5.00 bushels of corn for three crop years today. 20,21,22.

Clinton, IA  ADM had a bid of $5.05 for Dec. 2022 corn.  We'll see how big of a mistake that was!

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Thoughts on Biden's 30 x 30 Executive Order

  • 6 votes

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts put together on Biden's 30 x 30 Executive order?  I have seen a lot of it hyped up but still feel like there's not enough information out there on what the actual plan would be.  I think this EO was announced with little thought behind it, wh…