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This'll Do Farm - Iowa

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New Year New Fixes On The Farm

One question, what product is he using that he talks about at the 8:30 minute?  Biocow?  I've never heard of it but curious if anyone has used it before?  


User Picture Kent Bennis
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  • Delmar, Iowa

Biological Results

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I'm sure everyone has been evaluating their yield results.  What have you seen from your biological trials you had in 2021?

User Picture Brock Welch
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  • Colwich, Kansas
User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

What’s on Your Seed?

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It can be a mystery to know what has been applied to seed with the growing abundance of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and plant growth regulators applied as coatings.

I was pleased to learn recently that University of Wisconsin extension scientists Damon Smith and Richar…

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Any thoughts on biological pesticides?

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I saw this company for the first time today and was interested in the products they're creating for weed, disease, and pest control from microbial gene sequencing.  Looks like pretty scientific stuff, but I'm wondering your thoughts on products like these and whether or not they…

User Picture Blair Bennis
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  • Hancock County Ohio

Biological Products

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There are many companies coming to market with a variety of biological products. I’m finding the sheer number hard to sift through. Can you share with me some experiences and opinions with different biological products?