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User Picture Jose Ordaz
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  • Marshalltown, Iowa


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Iowa State University College of Engineering  

Major in Materials Engineering 

Class of 2024

I am interested in learning more about the types of seeds being planted in today’s society 

Future ag employment

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Iowa State University College of Agriculture and Life Sciences 

Double major of Agricultural Systems Technology and Industrial Technology

Graduating in Fall of 2023

Interested in hands on work with ag machinery and/or beef cattle

User Picture Emma Spurgeon
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  • Trafalgar, Indiana

Who I Am!

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My name is Emma Spurgeon and I am a Junior at Purdue University studying Agronomy with a concentration in Ag Business and Marketing with a minor in Farm Management. 

Glen M
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Hello! #CampusHunt

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Hello! Excited to see this platform and the accumulation of professional resources on here. I am a masters / PhD student at Purdue, interested in biosecurity in rural agriculture. Looking forward to being environments with so many great resources! On my off time I left to scuba …

QR Code

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Found the code in Weber! 

User Picture Grace Knepp
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  • Manhattan, Kansas

QR Code Hunt

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Found the code!!

User Picture Jared Carolan
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  • Ames Iowa

TopYield Scavenger Hunt

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Found a QR code at Agronomy Hall in Ames! #killingit