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User Picture Costas "Gus" Hatzipavlides
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  • Elkhart, Indiana

Early Season Fungicide Application

  • 1 vote

How many folks have tried a fungicide application V5-V7 stage on corn? Positive outcome? With the markets the way the are this season I think ive been fielding more questions than ever on this topic. Although I follow an IPM process, Ive also been told by some growers that with …

User Picture Tim Kerstein
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  • Hendricks County, IN

Cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein: A Fad or The Future

  • 3 votes

I am curious about people's perspectives on the cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein market. Will it be a notable piece of the protein market in the future? Will it outpace plant-based protein? Will not live up to expectations/momentum? Or somewhere in between?

I have seen mar…

Skott Gent
  • 185
  • Jackson County, Iowa

Leafhoppers in alfalfa

  • 3 votes

Treatment thresholds for leafhoppers were developed when hay was worth half or less what it is today, and treatment cost was 50% higher. How should a person decide whether to spray?

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Not fun to find this in the field!

  • 4 votes

Custom applicator ran out of fertilizer and it's showing up like a sore thumb in our field.  We took tissue samples to document.  This was most likely the strip-till operator. 

User Picture Blair Bennis
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  • Hancock County Ohio

Market Volatility

  • 3 votes

In the past several weeks there has been a significant amount of volatility in crop prices, yesterday’s being the most dramatic. What is causing this?

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

How deep are corn roots now?

  • 4 votes

As we have discussed in another post, a very important factor in how well our crops will respond to this dry weather is root growth and capability to extract soil water.

The table below shows recent average values determined by Iowa State University researchers for a range of Io…

User Picture Kenny Johnson
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  • Boone County, IN

Pandemic Aid for Dairy Farmers - Too Little Too Late ?

  • 4 votes

I saw this on AgDay today.  I'm curious if the pandemic aid for Dairy farmers is too little too late or right on time?  Curious thoughts on the aid amounts too: $700M for Biofuels, $400M for Dairy Donation Program and $580M for Dairy Margin Coverage?  


User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

How much water is corn using per day now?

  • 4 votes

Lots of concern about the dry, hot weather. Nice visual here from folks at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln showing that largest corn water use demand is just before and after tassel and silking into the grain filling period.

Click on the graphic for a larger view.


User Picture Paul Carter
  • 1490
  • Polk County, Iowa

Are you intrigued by roots?

  • 3 votes


How much more could we understand about crop and soil management if we could observe roots as easily and closely as we do the above ground part of our crop plants?

This video shares some insights on how roots of different plants interact with each other...based on greenhouse s…