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User Picture Cheryl Mitchell
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Tuesday's Topic: Harvest

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Harvest Questions:

  1. What are you doing to get ready?
  2. What concerns are you having?
  3. What are you looking forward to?


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User Picture Paul Carter
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Bushel Plus combine yield loss checking tool for corn and soybeans?

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Does anyone on the TopYield.Ag network have experience with the Bushel Plus yield loss checking tool – for corn or soybeans? The video shows use for small grains.


This approach uses magnetics to place a pan on your combine that can col…

User Picture The Indiana Farmer
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User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

Strip length influences combine yield monitor accuracy for on-farm trials

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Results from a recent Iowa State University study provide important guidelines for those planning on using combine yield monitors to measure results from on-farm trials.

The study summary indicates that strips across the full length of the field are preferred in most cases to …