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User Picture Sean McMahon
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  • Dallas County, Iowa

Threats to Animal Agriculture? Update on PAUSE Act, New Oregon Ballot Initiative, CA Prop 12

  • 4 votes

Mary Pat Sass alerted us to the problematic PAUSE Act in Colorado earlier this year. Fortunately the Colorado Supreme Court rejected that ballot initiative as too broad. However, a very similar ballot initiative has surfaced in Oregon with many of the same  concerning provisions…

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

Can stover biomass be sustainably transformed into biochar, bio-oil, and thermal energy and still maintain soil carbon and organic matter?

  • 5 votes

This article (see link below) describes a project with Frontline BioEnergy and Stine Seed Farms using an Iowa State University developed pyrolysis process to transform biomass into several products including

• biochar, which will be used as a soil amendment for farmland
• bio…

User Picture The Indiana Farmer
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  • N.W. Indiana

Flashback! Combine review 2020

  • 0 votes

The Indiana Farmer- "16 Row Head and Claas Review"

User Picture Gracie Danner
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  • Muscatine County, Iowa

Corn Conditions: Muscatine County, Iowa

  • 5 votes

Irrigated corn is 6’ high and looks great. Dry land is still very dry. We were fortunate to get a little over an inch of rain last night, the first notable rain in weeks. It’s a relief but will need more. A lot of corn still suffering badly. Management practices are showing up…

User Picture Sean McMahon
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  • Dallas County, Iowa

Field to Market Sustainability Champions Spotlight Winners Announced

  • 5 votes

IAWA is honored to be recognized for a national spotlight award from Field to Market, the Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. Special thanks to our co-lead, the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship, NRCS and USDA for providing the grant funding, and our fou…

User Picture Kenny Fahey
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  • Seattle, Washington

Predictive modeling for weather and climate

  • 3 votes

I'm interested in whether anyone has experience with predictive modeling tools for weather and climate related risks. I've been following a company called ClimateAI but don't have much exposure or experience in this market. Curious if others have thoughts on the ClimateAI platfo…

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

Deep Thoughts: Is Unimpeded Root Growth a Key to Higher Corn Yields?

  • 3 votes

Just cannot say enough about corn roots, especially in this dry year in many areas.

Here is another post on corn roots, featuring a timely (though written in 2014) blog article by Terry Daynard, who believes unimpeded root growth is a (the?) most important key to higher corn yie…

User Picture Costas "Gus" Hatzipavlides
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  • Elkhart, Indiana

Early Season Fungicide Application

  • 2 votes

How many folks have tried a fungicide application V5-V7 stage on corn? Positive outcome? With the markets the way the are this season I think ive been fielding more questions than ever on this topic. Although I follow an IPM process, Ive also been told by some growers that with …

User Picture Tim Kerstein
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  • Hendricks County, IN

Cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein: A Fad or The Future

  • 4 votes

I am curious about people's perspectives on the cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein market. Will it be a notable piece of the protein market in the future? Will it outpace plant-based protein? Will not live up to expectations/momentum? Or somewhere in between?

I have seen mar…

Skott Gent
  • 195
  • Jackson County, Iowa

Leafhoppers in alfalfa

  • 4 votes

Treatment thresholds for leafhoppers were developed when hay was worth half or less what it is today, and treatment cost was 50% higher. How should a person decide whether to spray?