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User Picture Kenny Johnson
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  • Boone County, IN

A Word of Caution for Navel Orangeworm Winter Orchard Sanitation

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I saw this video from California Ag Net about the importance of winter sanitation in almond orchards and the damage that can be caused by shaking younger trees.  Knocking mummies down by hand seems to be cost prohibitive but shaking younger trees can cause permanent damage.  …

User Picture Kent Bennis
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  • Delmar, Iowa

Tar Spot

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The Tar Spot came in late enough it didn’t affect the yield  I applied fungicide on July 20th.  August 30th there wasn’t any Tar Spot present,  This is a hybrid that has good tolerance to Tar Spot  Growers will need to evaluate hybrids and plan on a fungicide treatment going fo…

User Picture Eduardo Moncayo
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There is a pest that makes a lot of damage to sugarcane. That is the Sugarcane Borer. It is very similar to the Corn Borer. The main damage is done when it is a worm and it eats through the new sprouts coming out. This can really affect plant population and therefore affect yiel…

User Picture Paul Carter
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What’s on Your Seed?

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It can be a mystery to know what has been applied to seed with the growing abundance of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and plant growth regulators applied as coatings.

I was pleased to learn recently that University of Wisconsin extension scientists Damon Smith and Richar…

User Picture Brian Dougherty
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The buzz about drone uses in agriculture

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Catch up on the buzz about using drones for herbicide application, cover crop seeding, mapping and more by listening to our latest podcast episode. 


User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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Any thoughts on biological pesticides?

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I saw this company for the first time today and was interested in the products they're creating for weed, disease, and pest control from microbial gene sequencing.  Looks like pretty scientific stuff, but I'm wondering your thoughts on products like these and whether or not they…

User Picture Blair Bennis
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Future of Weed Management?

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While driving for work this week, I was listening to an episode about a new innovation to help manage herbicide resistance. A company called WeedOut is using pollen to sterilize weeds like Palmer Amaranth.

Give it a listen. I’d love to hear some opinions on the feasibility of th…

User Picture Sean McMahon
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New video on 'Conservation Agronomist' positions helping the Ag Retail sector to deliver more conservation to farmer customers

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Learn more about how the Iowa Soybean Association, Iowa Agriculture Water Alliance and the Ag Retail sector are partnering to drive adoption of conservation practices through new 'Conservation Agronomist' positions.

Open the following link to see the video from the Iowa Soybean …