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Ag PhD

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Newer Crop Protection Products

Are you using or recommending any newer products this year due to supply constraints of glyphosate, glufosinate or 2,4-D?


User Picture Kent Bennis
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  • Delmar, Iowa

Tar Spot

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The Tar Spot came in late enough it didn’t affect the yield  I applied fungicide on July 20th.  August 30th there wasn’t any Tar Spot present,  This is a hybrid that has good tolerance to Tar Spot  Growers will need to evaluate hybrids and plan on a fungicide treatment going fo…

User Picture Kenny Johnson
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  • Boone County, IN

Tarspot in Nebraska. What to do next year?

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Tarspot was identified in eastern Nebraska according to this report. If growers plan on going back to corn, how should they go about scouting for the disease next spring?  Drones?  Also, can a curative fungicide application work if made earlier enough?  If so what stage of co…

User Picture Darcie Gallagher
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  • Jefferson County, Nebraska

Fungicide Applications

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Last week I took vacation time and went back to my hometown and helped my family with harvest. More times than I can count, my dad raved about the fungicide and insecticide applications made July through August on corn and soybeans. For what is considered a minimal disease press…

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

What’s on Your Seed?

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It can be a mystery to know what has been applied to seed with the growing abundance of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and plant growth regulators applied as coatings.

I was pleased to learn recently that University of Wisconsin extension scientists Damon Smith and Richar…

User Picture Costas "Gus" Hatzipavlides
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  • Elkhart, Indiana

Early Season Fungicide Application

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How many folks have tried a fungicide application V5-V7 stage on corn? Positive outcome? With the markets the way the are this season I think ive been fielding more questions than ever on this topic. Although I follow an IPM process, Ive also been told by some growers that with …

Glen M
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Hello! #CampusHunt

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Hello! Excited to see this platform and the accumulation of professional resources on here. I am a masters / PhD student at Purdue, interested in biosecurity in rural agriculture. Looking forward to being environments with so many great resources! On my off time I left to scuba …

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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  • McHenry County, Illinois

Any thoughts on biological pesticides?

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I saw this company for the first time today and was interested in the products they're creating for weed, disease, and pest control from microbial gene sequencing.  Looks like pretty scientific stuff, but I'm wondering your thoughts on products like these and whether or not they…