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User Picture Gracie Danner
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  • Muscatine County, Iowa
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What the World Would Look Like Without Agriculture Tariffs

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Did you know that China is the world’s largest producer of vitamins and amino acids, representing 86% of U.S. vitamin imports, with a three-year average value of $1 billion, according to Rabobank. According to Rabobank, U.S. imports of vitamins fell by an estimated 8% in 2019 c…

User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

Fun cartoon explains study showing that rotating corn with soybeans reduces nitrate leaching risk

  • 4 votes

It would be fun if every research study article had a cartoon explaining the results like this new one from the team at Iowa State University. Scroll down a bit to see the cartoon....and click on it for a larger view.

The study showed that rotating corn with soybean allows for…

User Picture Sean McMahon
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  • Dallas County, Iowa

City of Des Moines Investing in Farmers' Conservation Practices: Video on Installation of Bioreactor

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The City of Des Moines is investing in farmers implementing conservation practices that improve water quality, including edge-of-field practices like saturated buffers and bioreactors. Check out this new view of an installation of a denitrifying woodchip bioreactor on a far…

User Picture Kent Bennis
  • 2015
  • Delmar, Iowa

Perennial Grass

  • 4 votes

I could use some help on this perennial grass species.  Clumps of grass not controls by 2X rate of Glyphosate.

Long hairy ligule, no auricles, long hairs on the leaf up to 2 inches from the sheath, no hair on the leaves.

User Picture The Indiana Farmer
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Shearing Sheep

  • 2 votes

A quick video on sheep care. Im not a shearing expert but just showing the process.


User Picture Paul Carter
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  • Polk County, Iowa

Why does more frost damage occur with high residue, along field edges, and with cultivation or N side-dressing with knife before frost?

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Recent damage to crops was higher for cropping systems with high soil residue cover during frost situations. Microclimate research shows that crop leaf temperatures in these systems can be several degrees colder than for residue-free soil due to less soil radiation supplied to…

User Picture Mary Pat Sass
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Sidedress is Starting off Slow

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We're starting sidedress but the corn is still a bit small for y-drops.  We had some stunting, leaf damage and some pretty bad frost damage last week that we're keeping an eye on for re-plant.  Another crazy spring! How are things in your neck of the woods? 

User Picture Brian Dougherty
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The buzz about drone uses in agriculture

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Catch up on the buzz about using drones for herbicide application, cover crop seeding, mapping and more by listening to our latest podcast episode.