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Top Producer Summit offers some great speakers and panels next month.

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Top Producer Summit 2022 PanelCheck out the agenda and speakers for next month's Top Producer Summit in Nashville: https://events.farmjournal.com/top-producer-summit-2022 

Registration is open.  This is always a great event to network with other producers, learn from the award winners and industry leaders th…

This'll Do Farm - Iowa

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New Year New Fixes On The Farm

One question, what product is he using that he talks about at the 8:30 minute?  Biocow?  I've never heard of it but curious if anyone has used it before?  


User Picture Kent Bennis
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Crop Nutrient Alternatives

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Manure has the highest value it’s ever had.  Farmers entertaining new livestock buildings in 2022 can anticipate a better ROI if commodity prices and crop nutrients stay close to these levels  What do others think?


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Threats to Animal Agriculture? Update on PAUSE Act, New Oregon Ballot Initiative, CA Prop 12

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Mary Pat Sass alerted us to the problematic PAUSE Act in Colorado earlier this year. Fortunately the Colorado Supreme Court rejected that ballot initiative as too broad. However, a very similar ballot initiative has surfaced in Oregon with many of the same  concerning provisions…

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Cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein: A Fad or The Future

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I am curious about people's perspectives on the cell-based/Cultivated/Cultured Protein market. Will it be a notable piece of the protein market in the future? Will it outpace plant-based protein? Will not live up to expectations/momentum? Or somewhere in between?

I have seen mar…

Tiffany Obrecht-Johnson
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Artificial Intelligence in the Hog Barn?

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I saw an article today and it really got me thinking about how far we've come and how far we might go with technology leading innovation in agriculture. The use of AI (different meaning these days) has been touted around for independently operated tractors and equipment, but use…

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New Approaches for manure management podcast

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Check out the latest Engineering Your Farm podcast to learn about the latest research on using manure with cover crops, manure sidedressing, and more from Dr. Melissa Wilson at the University of MN. 


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Enhanced Feed Efficiency Corn For Hogs

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Is anyone aware of a seed company that is working on enhanced feed efficiency corn hybrids for hogs? If not, are there any grain characteristics that would result in hogs extracting more weight of gain per lb of corn consumed?  

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A crazy day on the farm. I had a labor of 2.5/hrs. and still a live birth. Whats the longest livestock birth you experienced?