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Aidan McDonald
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  • Parmer County, Texas

Agrivoltaics Startup

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I have recently been contacted by a friend who has come up with an agrivoltaics startup. He was asking for my advice and questions that I had about the startup. I believe that the system could work well with staple crops such as corn and soybeans. I was wondering if anyone agree…

User Picture Kent Bennis
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  • Delmar, Iowa

Nitrogen Pricing

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The current price for 32% nitrogen in Eastern Iowa for 2022 crop is $600/ton.

At $0.94/unit corn on corn acres will evaporate.  Nitrogen pricing has already reduced forecasted acres nearly 2 million for the US next year.

North Dakota will plant wheat, barley, canola, soybeans, s…

User Picture Sean McMahon
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  • Dallas County, Iowa
User Picture Paul Carter
  • 2300
  • Polk County, Iowa

What’s on Your Seed?

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It can be a mystery to know what has been applied to seed with the growing abundance of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and plant growth regulators applied as coatings.

I was pleased to learn recently that University of Wisconsin extension scientists Damon Smith and Richar…