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Meet the Team Behind TopYield

Kenny Johnson


"We believe that agriculture needs a new social media platform. One where like minded ag-focused individuals can come together to learn, share their agriculture knowledge and build their professional network."

Kent Bennis

Kent Bennis


"As a farmer myself, I experience the difficulties of sourcing reliable information. This inspired me to Collaborate with Kenny Johnson to create TopYield Ag. TopYield Ag is the next generation platform that engages growers with a new resource to solve Ag’s toughest questions."

Cheryl Mitchell

Cheryl Mitchell

Community Leader

"Finding insights starts with asking the right questions. A healthy community requires deliberate action, attention, and thoughtfulness."

Sean McMahon

Sean McMahon

Sustainability Subject Matter Expert

"TopYield Ag is fast becoming a key source for agronomic and sustainability information for farmers and ag professionals. The quality of technical information available on the platform is impressive."

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